Seeing Better, Living Better

Parenti-Morris Eyecare is firmly committed to bring our patients the best technology available to provide precise vision in any environment.

Eyecode Lenses

This unprecedented lens technology allows for individualization of ophthalmic lenses to provide the most precise vision experience. This technology is called the Essilor Eyecode lens. Your individual Eyecode is measured by an instrument called the Visioffice.  It takes dynamic 3D measurements of your eyes in reference to the frame you select and evaluates behavioral data involving eye movements, head movements, and posture. The result?  The most personalized lens with the most precise vision! 

Computer Glasses

To reduce eye strain and fatigue, we carry specialized computer lenses. These lenses are perfect for computer users who spend a majority of their day working on a computer. And since three out of four computer users will suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome, computer lenses are a great way to keep your eyesight comfortable and healthy.

Monovision Correction

For some of our emerging presybopes we offer another option to glasses, monovision contact lenses. This is a method of fitting your dominant eye for distance vision and your non-dominant eye for near vision. Contacts are available in disposable, extended wear, and even daily disposable lenses to fit your lifestyle. Most patients require 1-2 weeks to make the adjustment from binocular vision to monovision.

Reading Glasses

One of the first areas of your life where presbyopia becomes prominent is in your ability to read. ParentI - Morris Eyecare carries a broad line of reading glasses to help you read without holding the page at arms length. There are a variety of styles available, with sleek designs that allow you to carry them anywhere.

Bifocal Contacts

If you need bifocals but can't stand wearing glasses, Parenti - Morris Eyecare has just the thing for you: bifocal contact lenses. Now you can have all of the benefits of bifocal lenses in the convenience of contact lenses. Talk with your doctor about bifocal contacts today.